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The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Fontana Rialto Blessed John XXIII Conference is part of an international, nonprofit, Catholic lay organization providing services such as food, rent,  temporary lodging for the homeless, or utilities assistance to those in need in our local community.

              OUR CORE VALUE

        *We are called to HOLINESS OF LIFE, and so we believe:
          that growth in intimacy with Jesus is a life-long process, and that prayer is essentially both personal and communal.

        *We are called to the SERVICE OF THE POOR, and so we believe in:
          the dignity of the human person, the preferential option of the poor, and the identification of Jesus with the poor.

        *We are called to live in HUMILITY, and so we believe in:
          the virtue of humility both personal and corporate, and that poverty of spirit is the primary beatitude.

         *We are called to live in SIMPLICITY, and so we believe in:
           the virtue of simplicity, in Divine Providence and that Jesus is the Evangelizer and Servant of the poor.

         *We are called to live in CHARITY AND JUSTICE, and so we believe in:
           solidarity and that charity is practiced within and outside of the Society.

         *We are called to live in FRIENDSHIP, and so we believe in:
           a Community of Faith. 

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Marian Fairchild

Marian's Pantry has helped feed families in our area for over 16 years.  This pantry is named after one of our longest serving members - Marian Fairchild. 

Marian joined our conference not long after we started.  She brought with her organizational skills learned and honed from years of raising a family, working as a Catholic School principal, and volunteering for numerous charitable groups like the Red Cross.  Marian served diligently as the President of our SVdP Conference for 6 years.  After her tenure, she continued keeping our pantry filled and organized on a weekly basis.  Hence when Marian passed away, it only made sense to dedicate the pantry in her honor.  We continue to miss her humor and devotion to helping others.  She was truly a friend to us and those we serve. 

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